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“Taraki Club in Europe” (TCE) is an organization providing support and services to the Algerian community living in Europe and campaigning for their rights.

Created in 2007,  the TCE was constituted by more than 14 Algerian associations and a number of individuals active in the Algerian community in Europe. Taraki Club is registered as a non profit organization in the UK and 7 European countries.

Since 2007 the TCE led bu Mr Zahir Serrai  زهيرسراي   The executive board under the chair of Mr Zahir Serrai (pictured) has given more credibility and realism inside the organization.

Mr Zahir Serrai has more than 25 years’ experience dealing with similar  duties of the TCE.

He is the co-founder of the TCE and we in the admin and executive office are proud of having him as team player and good friend

The TCE  is an independent Part-political, cultural and Social Association run by European – Algerians as well as Algerian Nationals living in the European Union and is managed by a Board of Directors that was democratically elected.

TCE is voluntarily supported and all its funds come from donations; small but regular contributions from Members, Organizations, Individuals and modest fund raising projects such as multicultural exhibitions.